Personal Development and Life Coaching

Personal Development
& Life Coaching


Transformative Coaching
with Mindfulness, Mental Fitness, Emotional Intelligence, and Body Connection


Transformative Coaching

Become all you can be in your life and work by embracing your own ways to reach new levels of wellbeing and success through individual Life Coaching.

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Mental Fitness

What if you could respond to life's challenges with ease and flow instead of negative emotions ​​and thoughts? Learn to tap into your inner wisdom and strengths with our Mental Fitness programs.

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Wellbeing at the workplace

Bring Wellbeing to the workplace through our workshops about Self-Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness.

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Coaches Corner

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- for mentoring towards ACC and PCC credentials,
- and for our group sessions on coaching presence and more.

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The Emotions of the Body

“If you shake your body, the feelings that you’ve been suppressing start to come out and you feel better." 
Dr. James Gordon, founder of Center for Mind-Body Medicine 

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Clients are saying...


Being coached by Ngoc is a great experience! Thanks to her empathy, active listening and smart questioning skills, Ngoc was able to drive me into an effortless discussion, untie some of my old ways of thinking and bring in new perspectives to my challenges...


I was able to step up my career to the next level and negotiate better conditions with the company’s BOM with strong confidence, not fear. 


Ngoc made me identify every single emotion and helped me go through it. She taught me how to be myself again and especially how to feel happy again. She walked on my side when I was taking decisions which have totally changed my personal and my professional life.


In one coaching conversation, coach Ngoc with her highly perceptive mind, has lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders and helped me see the truth in a complex personal situation... Thank you 🙏

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your Coach Ngo​c, PCC

I was born and educated in France from Vietnamese parents, and  started my career as an R&D Engineer. Since then, I have lived in 7 different countries with my family, navigating work and volunteer opportunities. My latest chapter is being written in Vietnam, where I transitioned into Professional Coaching 8 years ago.

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EQ-living and Ngoc

My coaching style is warm, supportive and open. I am fascinated by every human experience and passionate about improving their wellbeing and success. My purpose with Coaching is to make personal growth and self-care accessible to the greatest number because everyone deserves to thrive. 
As I am building a trustful relationship with my clients, I open for them a space of deep reflection and gently challenges them when necessary.
In a 1-hour coaching conversation, I guide my clients to get in touch with what really matters to them and move into action towards their dreams. 

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